Sustainability Overview

22nd Century Group, Inc., powered by its recent acquisitions of GVB Biopharma and RX Pharmatech, stands at the forefront of agricultural biotechnology, committed to driving health and well-being through groundbreaking plant science. With our revolutionary non-addictive tobacco strains and cutting-edge hemp genome development techniques, we are poised to transform the landscape of public health. Our unwavering mission is to revolutionize the industry and make significant contributions to the advancement of health and wellness.

ESG Highlights


Less nicotine in VLN than in any other commercial tobacco cigarettes across the globe, designed to help smokers smoke less.


Continents house our diverse, highly skilled and experienced employees, associates and ideas.


Leader in hemp worldwide following the acquisition of GVB Biopharma and RX Pharmatech

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Environmental Commitment

At 22nd Century Group, Inc., we place significant importance on environmental resource management and maintaining product integrity. Through close relationships with contracted farmers who uphold stringent industry specifications and prioritize natural resource conservation, we recognize their crucial role as environmental stewards. Furthermore, we continuously pursue operational efficiency by leveraging innovative technologies, conducting extensive field trials, and collaborating with university programs. These efforts allow us to reduce waste and achieve the highest possible quality standards in our operations.

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Social Commitment

We are deeply committed to public health initiatives, actively contributing through responsible practices that prioritize transparency and regulatory compliance. Our VLN reduced nicotine tobacco product provides a superior smoking alternative, featuring environmentally preferable options. Our marketing efforts are exclusively directed towards existing adult smokers, employing robust age verification measures and collaborating with stakeholders to continuously enhance our strategies. Additionally, we actively distribute educational materials to promote reduced nicotine consumption, further supporting our mission of advancing public health.

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Employee Commitment

At 22nd Century Group, Inc., we embrace a legacy of excellence in plant technology and intellectual property, embodying a culture characterized by commitment, innovation, and stability. Through recent acquisitions in the hemp industry and the collective expertise of our diverse team, we are fully committed to our health-centered mission of enhancing lives and addressing nicotine addiction. Our unwavering dedication extends to fostering a workplace environment that values respect and inclusivity, offering comprehensive benefits, professional growth opportunities, and prioritizing the well-being and safety of our employees through regular trainings and audits.

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Governance Commitment

22nd Century Group, Inc. maintains robust governance practices, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making across all levels of the organization. Through regular audits and board oversight, the company upholds high standards of corporate governance to foster trust among stakeholders and drive sustainable growth.

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